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I’ve been blogging about knitting since 2012 with focus on knitting patterns, design and tutorials on advanced knitting techniques. It was merely a hobby – always, and I never considered it to be more than just that – a hobby.

Until 2014, when I quit my job.

In 2014 I quit my well-paid day job in the nuclear industry to free myself of the daily, boring, exhausting 9-to-5 routine as an engineer.

I started to take my knitting blog jriede.com (established in 2012) more seriously and to think about how to make more money that just breadcrumbs out of my pattern design. I read a lot of blogs on online marketing. I mean a LOT of them. But they all seemed to be not very helpful at all until I discovered Pat Flynn’s website smartpassiveincome.com.

I listened. Learned. Implemented. Repeat.

In summer 2016, jriede.com moved to Knitting Today. I started to create online courses for aspiring knitwear designers and slowly, the money started rolling in.

My life is richer and way more interesting now, and I’m enjoying my freedom so very much! No way I’m ever going back to this routine again.

But I still have a very long list – and a long way to go. Watch it live here on the Knitting For A Living blog!


turn your hobby into income.

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