Goals for 2017? Here’s My Personal “Eff Yeah” List Instead

Back in early January, I was working on my yearly post about resolutions this time of the year: The glorious goals for 2017 list. I didn’t make progress beyond two bullet points before I got bored. Seriously bored.

Who’s going to read another post about personal goals for 2017 that’s doomed to fail anyway?

This thought really made me think about what these personal, yearly goal lists lists are all about. Mostly, we create and publish them to impress others – it’s not really about what you would like to achieve, it’s more likely about how you think others should perceive you, right?

Why Personal Goal Lists Are Doomed to Fail

Personal goals shouldn’t be about what you’d like others to think about you. It’s all about finding out what you really want, and making plans on how to get closer to it.

Forbes Magazine recently wrote about new year’s resolutions and the collective epiphany about eating better, saving money, and getting in shape. It’s all about how we won’t be a different person in July than we were in January, and how to overcome this frustration:

“The reason so many new year’s resolutions fail is that they’re a form of “cultural procrastination.” They’re habits we wish we could change, so we use the resolution to try and motivate ourselves in the future rather than today.”


The author of the Forbes article mentioned above suggested to create your personal “eff yeah” list – a term coined by Nicole Antoinette, host of the Real Talk Radio podcast – to reflect about your greatest accomplishments the year prior to identify more of those fulfilling opportunities moving forward.

Antionette suggests creating, “That list of badass things you accomplished throughout the past 12 months – big and small – that makes you want to dance naked around the kitchen with pride.”

These aren’t necessarily the moments that are impressive to others or would make it onto my resume, neither. They’re the ones in which I was most fulfilled and in my element. Here we go.

Eff Yeah, I Did It!

Talking about professional accomplishments, the most satisfying realization was that I actually made it through the year financially. To be honest, I felt sorry about quitting my job in 2014 more than once since I did it but I never regretted it. Never ever, not a single fucking time.

I Don’t Trade Time for Money

Yes, I have much less income since I quit. If you followed me through these times you know that I have a PhD in nuclear engineering and had a more than well-paid job since I graduated and left Austria and yes, I quit this job with nothing more than my belief in myself and my talents and abilities.

Since then, knitting and my related activities – publishing knitting patterns, books and teaching how to make a living from it – supports me and my family more or less. So far, I’m far from calling myself a rich person financially, but I am definitely a rich person when it comes to lifestyle. I do what I want and nothing else. Every single day.

Knitting Finances My Second Education: Med School in Germany

Luckily I’m living in Germany where education is cheap compared to most countries. Med School is no exception. I didn’t need to take an expensive, huge loan to be able to study medicine: all I’m paying, except for my living expenses of course, are 280 Euros per year for my enrollment in Med School.

Yes, you read right: Education is free (not taking into account minor fees as mentioned) over here, the only hurdle is to get a place to study – one needs to have good overall marks to get a chance for entering university. It’s not about how much money you have, it’s about how hard you work for it!

I don’t think I have to mention that I’m working my ass off all the time. Between studying for exams I’m publishing patterns, books, answering customer questions and emails and trying to keep up with trends and my knitting projects as good as I can.

Sometimes I’m very tired and close to giving up. But I just won’t quit! I’m too grateful for this chance, and I won’t let anybody down.

P Eff Yeah instead of goals for 2017 (or yearly resolutions in general)

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