Blog Analytics: How To Use Google Analytics (For Bloggers)

Every successful blogger is constantly keeping an eye on their visitors. I’m keeping an eye on my analytics because it’s vital for my business, and so should you if you’re serious about blogging.

Honestly, there are tons of different plugins, trackers and web applications that all say that they can track your blog visitors/stats. However, the most accurate one is without a doubt Google Analytics.

What can Google Analytics do?

The short answer is  – a LOT.

You can track

  • Real data (see who’s on your site – live!)
  • Number of visits per hour/day/month
  • Demographics
  • Countries
  • Referrals, resources
  • and much more…

You can even compare their time spent on your blog and pages. What’s more, it’s completely free for everyone to use. However, setting it all up can be a bit difficult for a beginner – that’s the reason I’ve put together this tutorial.

How do I add Google Analytics to my WordPress blog?

There are two ways to do this. One way is to get a plugin and place the Analytics code there, another way is to place the tracking code manually.

Either way, you’ll first need to sign up with them and do some configurations.

There are three steps to installing Google Analytics on your blog:

  1. Sign up for a Google account
  2. Sign up for Google Analytics
  3. Copy the tracking ID for your account
  4. Install the code on your WordPress Blog With A Plugin

Let’s walk through each step in more detail.

Signing up with Google Analytics

Step #1: Go to

Sin in with your Google account or create one.

Click on the “Admin” link in the top menu and fill in the information about your blog.

  • Account name: Can be anything
  • Website name: Your blog name
  • Website address: Your blog URL/address
  • Industry/category: Should be relevant to your blog topic

Next, save your Google Analytics ID. It should be some thing like: UA-8345471-1.

Install Google Analytics plugin to your WordPress blog

All you need to do is install a plugin called Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress.

Once you’ve installed and activated it, go to “Settings” -> “Google Analytics” and just enter your Tracking ID.

In the first 24 hours you won’t see much. Google Analytics can take a while when it fully starts to work, so don’t worry.

But once it’s fully working, you’ll see real live data:

google analytics

How Do I See My Blog Posts in Google Analytics?

To find your blog posts, go to Behavior -> Site Content -> All Pages. It looks like this:

google analytics

In addition to that, you’ll be able to do a lot with it. Below here, I’ve gathered some great posts about tracking your blog visits with Google Analytics:

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