Internet Marketing for Knitters (And Other Arts & Crafts)

Becoming a successful designer is neither a miracle nor a secret: Instead, it’s the result of hard work, dedication and lots of effort. I wrote this guide, internet marketing for knitters, to help you getting started with marketing for improving your income from selling knitting patterns or any other digital product related to arts and crafts.

Whenever I refer to knitting patterns in this article, you can safely replace it by any other digital product related to arts & crafts. I wrote this guide primarily for knitting pattern designers, but it really applies to any digital product related to arts & crafts. (Just replace the term “pattern” with whatever you’re selling.)

This guide applies to any digital product related to knitting and the sister arts (crocheting, weaving, sewing) as well as digital art (books, comics, fine art, drawings, …) as well, so if you’re not a knitter but an artisan selling digital products and need a boost in sales, this one is for you.

This article series about internet marketing for knitters includes 14 step-by-step guides covering the whole process from start to finish. An overview about the contents of each part is shown below, afterwards we continue with the introduction part, Why You Need Marketing.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction: Why You Need Marketing (this article)
  • Day 1: How to Start a Blog (in five easy steps)
  • Day 2: Writing Useful Content from the Beginning (Jan 10)
  • Day 3: Why All Successful Bloggers Have a Content Strategy (you need one, too – here’s how) (Jan 12)
  • Day 4: Start an email list (Jan 13)
  • Day 5: Start a Newsletter (Jan 14)
  • Day 5: Growing Your Email List (Jan 16)
  • Day 6: About incentives (Jan 20)
  • Day 7: Create awareness (Jan 22)
  • Day 8: Create trust (Jan 24)
  • Day 9: Be helpful (forums, guest posts, comments) (Jan 28)
  • Day 10: Start a Ravelry group (Jan 30)
  • Day 11: Improve your pattern quality (Feb 2)
  • Day 12: Focus your efforts (Feb 4)
  • Day 13: Keeping track (Feb 6)

Why You Need Marketing

If you think writing and publishing patterns is enough to make a living, you’re wrong.

First, does anybody even know you’re selling them? Second, does anybody know who you actually are, how you work, if your patterns are of good quality, or to put it short – if they’re worth buying?

This is where marketing joins in.

Good marketing…

  • tells people who you are, how you work, and that you know your business well.
  • turns website visitors into customers.
  • makes people want to buy your products.

Marketing makes people aware of you and your work and creates trust in you, your business, and your products.

That’s why you need marketing.

How To Start

Let’s have a deeper look at the sentence above:

“Marketing makes people aware of you and your work and creates trust in you, your business, and your products”.

We need to create awareness first, then we need to create trust in you and your work.

Create Awareness First

No matter how good your work might be, if nobody knows about it, it doesn’t matter how good you really are. People need to know you’re out there, so first we need to create awareness. The best way of doing this is to start a website and blog, and we cover how to do this in a separate article during this article series.

Next, tell a story.

Why are you doing what you’re doing? How did it all start? Why are you enjoying it?

Fire up your favourite text editor and start writing down your story. What motivates you? What drives you, makes you sing? What made you the person you are today, and where do you want to go?

You’ll need your story for later in this course, when we come to filling up your blog with content. But go ahead and start writing right now, so you’ll be prepared well.

We’ll continue on Jan 6 with a detailed guide on how to start a blog (links will be updated).

See you then!


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