From Zero to Hero: Increasing Your Revenue as a Knitwear Designer

So you’re a designer already – you have published knitting patterns and are generating income with it. But are you happy with your revenue?

Until about two years ago I would have answered this question with a yes-no. I mean, I had been publishing knitting patterns for a while, but I never took it that seriously. I always thought that one could never make a living from designing and publishing knitting patterns.

Today I’m still not rich at any means but I’m able to support my family and attend Med School and financing all this with my knitting patterns and books.

Yes, really.

I was where you are back then, and as soon as I got the magic letter telling me I had been accepted for Med School I was nothing but plain dead frightened. How would I possibly be able to finance my way through Med School? With a school-aged kid, and one about to enter university himself?

Panic is the word that described my mindset best at this moment.

I decided to take a deep breath and start thinking about how to take my design career to the next level.

This is where it all started.

From Zero …

Imagine being unemployed, you just quit your unsatisfying day job, and you need money to support you and a family eventually. You enjoy designing your own knitting patterns, you’d like to publish them and make some money with it (or already have some, but revenue is no more than pocket money) and you don’t have a clue where to start.

This is where I was a few years ago.

Want a change? Read on.

But let’s get this straight from the very beginning:

  • Yes, it’s easy.
  • Easy, but HARD WORK.
  • Hard work which takes TIME.
  • Time and EFFORT.
  • It won’t happen over night.

Just to have made this perfectly clear.

Still interested? Okay, let’s get started by working through the following list together. One step at a time.

  1. Internet Marketing for Knitters (Jan 3 – Feb 16) : Thirteen (yes, 13) articles covering all aspects of today’s online marketing strategies. It’s a long read, take your time – that’s why it spans a whole month.
  2. Growing Your Email List: The Perfect Incentive (Special for Knitting Pattern Designers) (Feb 18): We talk a lot about list building and email marketing in Internet Marketing for Knitters but here’s the detailed info on how to build the perfect incentive specifically for knitting pattern designers)
  3. Build You Authority (Be Wise, Be Helpful) (Feb 20): Authority and trust are key facts in becoming successful online. We talk about the specific strategies for designers here.
  4. Get Social! Start a Facebook Group (and<3 Pinterest) (Feb 24): Covering how to use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest for knitting pattern designers.
  5. How to Write a Book (Feb 26): A comprehensive article about how to turn a set of patterns into a knitting book people actually want to buy, and the tools of the trade as well as best practices for book design and layout.
  6. How to Publish a Book (Feb 28): Learn how to get your book published on Amazon, as paperback and Kindle editions – and how to create ebooks and make them available for your customers.
  7. Know Your Audience (Mar 1): About metrics, and how to keep track of your marketing efforts.
  8. Improve, Repeat (Mar 3): What next? About proceeding from there, and what’s left to do (a lot).

… To Hero

I’m not a celebrity designer. If you browse the imaginary digest of all the hip and famous indie knitwear designers, you wouldn’t find my name on any list.

Still, I’m making more money than many, if not most, of all published designers. Honestly, I prefer being infamous but profitable over hip and hyped.

My revenue is good enough to support me and my family, and that’s good enough for now. I’m still working on earning enough money after taxes to buy my husband the car of his dreams, a decent Audi. (No way until I finish Med School, or maybe not. Who knows what next year might bring?)

turn your hobby into income.

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